Makenzie Marino


Presented by The Sons and Daughters of Italy
Primo Italiano Lodge 2800
Washington, Pennsylvania 15301

SENIORS: Would you like to participate in our scholarship award?

Requirements for $2,500 Scholarship

Requirements for $2,500 Scholarship (Due Monday, May 6, 2024):

1. Must be of at least twenty-five (25%) Italian-American descent, one parent at least ½ Italian.          

2. Must be going to a post-secondary school/training/certification program and must be a senior at a Washington County School District (Avella, Bentworth, Beth-Center, Brownsville, Burgettstown, California, Canon-McMillan, Charleroi, Chartiers-Houston, Fort Cherry, McGuffey, Peters Township, Ringgold, Trinity, Washington, or Faith Christian).         

3. Essay should be a minimum of 300 words.

Please submit a personal essay:  “What does being Italian mean to you?  Reflect and describe the effect the culture, religion, food, and relationships have had on your life experiences.”

Please exclude any family names in your essay.

Recipient, along with his/her parents, will be guests at the May 20, 2024 dinner meeting to read their winning essay and receive the $2,500 scholarship award. Thank you… “buona fortuna”!

Thank you and buona fortuna!